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Beautiful Location

Erin B: This barn is located in a beautiful location surrounded by trees. It is a fairly new built barn ready for any kind of event.

Wedding, graduation, baby shower, birthday party, family reunion, business meeting or any event. It Has a bride’s room and a groom’s room with full bathrooms in each.

Outside there is a wooden lattice arch near a covered bridge, all ready to go for a beautiful ceremony.

There are also 2 Airbnbs on the property, which could be perfect for a night with a wedding party or for guests to stay in right there for your event.

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This Place is Amazing!

Jim B: It’s an incredible venue that has all the space and amenities you'd ever need for a big event. AND, this place has charm!

Beautiful Outdoor Setting

Rita W: The venue was beautiful, clean, and spacious for my grandson’s graduation party. The Barn is a beautiful outdoor setting!


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