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The Barn interior - wedding

Your Investment


Consider this special offer and let us help you make one of the most important times of your life so much more relaxed and memorable than a hurried one-day affair:


Having seen, many times, the difference it makes for our couples to have two full days in the venue and on the property, WE OFFER, AND STRONGLY RECOMMEND, OUR TWO-DAY PACKAGES AND HAVE (temporarily) PRICED THEM TO MAKE THAT EXTRA DAY VERY AFFORDABLE.


It is so very helpful to have the first day to set up, decorate, have a rehearsal and maybe even a rehearsal party or dinner for close family and friends.  The day of your wedding then becomes so much more relaxed as you prepare to welcome your guests. In addition, two full days at Hidden Valley Farm often costs less than the few hours you get at other venues.


The experience of our couples has shown that of all the places you can invest money on your wedding, this is the thing that will likely make the most difference! You will later cherish the extra time you had to prepare without feeling rushed—time to visit the covered bridge, walk some of the trails, take extra photos, to enjoy the moments with family and friends a bit more and make the memory of this important time much sweeter.


ALSO: Book one or both of our beautiful Airbnb units for the two days you are here and make it an even more amazing experience!

Thursday and Friday Package Offer


compare at $7,000 - 12,000 at many other venues

Friday and Saturday Package Offer


compare at $8,000 - 15,000 at many other venues

Friday (one day only)


Saturday (one day only)


Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs (one day only)


Monday - Thursday (any two-day option)


At The Barn of Hidden Valley, we provide an amazing country setting, great for either outdoor or indoor events or any combination thereof.

Team members are available during each event to assist with any needs and answer any questions. If you need help with pre-event planning and/or coordination we can recommend planners who are very talented and with whom you will have a great experience.

Come and check out the venue and start dreaming about what a beautiful experience you can create . We promise to do everything we can to make your event a Stunning, Amazing, Gorgeous and Wow success!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are tours available on short notice?
    Yes !! Call and ask. If we are available, you can stop by.
  • What is your venue's capacity?
    The Barn can comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests.
  • What is required to reserve my date?
    To reserve your date, we require a $1,000 deposit as well as a signed contract.
  • What outdoor ceremony options do you have?
    We have numerous outdoor ceremony options, all with beautiful natural wooded backgrounds. We provide some permanent and some portable arbors. The covered bridge is also available as a backdrop.
  • What arrangements are made in case of rain?
    Since the weather is often unpredictable there must be a backup plan. We have numerous options for transferring the ceremony indoors according to the desires of the couple. Portable arbors and numerous inside-the-barn locations are available free of any additional charge. Those options will be discussed and decisions made if the need arises. Either way it will be an amazing event!
  • Are indoor tables and chairs included in the rental?
    Yes, you will have free access to up to 30 round tables (60 inch diameter). We also provide access to 6 eight-foot and 4 six-foot rectangular tables which can be used as desired for head tables, buffet, gifts, registration, etc. We provide two rectangular whiskey barrel tables which are great for cake tables or other uses as desired. Chairs are available for up to 250 guests.
  • Are outdoor chairs available for the ceremony?
    Yes, we have added outdoor chairs to our list of services. We charge prices that are very competitive with outside vendors with the advantage that you don’t have to make outside arrangements or worry about whether the chairs will be delivered on time or picked up on time. Also, if there is a need to move the ceremony indoors because of weather (and the chairs have not been delivered to the ceremony site) we do not charge you for the use of the chairs. A handout on chair pricing will be provided.
  • Are we able to choose our own vendors?
    You are free to use caterers or other vendors of your choice. Many venues make money by recommending certain vendors increasing your costs. We can recommend some local vendors but make no requirements.
  • Are overnight accommodations readily available?
    Yes, we have two beautiful Airbnb units on the property which may be booked in conjunction with your event (if available). There are also several hotels within 15-20 minutes of the venue.
  • Is there plenty of parking space available?
    Yes, we have a large parking area and overflow areas that can handle up to 100 cars. For larger groups, staff members assist with parking as your guests arrive.
  • Are there decorating restrictions?
    You are welcome to decorate the walls, the loft railing, the tables, etc. Small nails or push pins may be use in the wooden walls. NO STAPLES Please! No open flames in the barn. Nothing hung on the lights. NO DUCT TAPE or anything that would leave a sticky residue. No rice, glitter or other small items that are hard to get up at the end of the event. All items must be removed at the end of the event.
  • What is your alcohol policy?
    Alcohol use is allowed—and you are required to follow Ohio’s alcohol use laws for a private event. Hidden Valley Farm does not have a liquor license and does not provide any alcohol. You are responsible for the conduct of your guests.
  • Do you require event liability insurance?
    Yes, we do require event insurance. It is relatively inexpensive. We will give you a handout to explain the benefits to you and to give you information about where it may be obtained.

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